What is SIO?

SIO is a Bitcoin-based, global network and app that brings the power of Bitcoin to your everyday money. With SIO you can…

Send money to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Provide money transfer or corporate payment services for others, while you earn some income in the process.

Safely earn interest on your bitcoins by lending your bitcoins to SIO users who are facilating payments or normal currency investments.

Send, or allow other unbanked people to send cash across borders without the need for a bank account.

Set up transactions with others that will let your money grow. SIO uses a revolutionary, patent-pending transactional enging that automatically locks in gains in regular currencies that are commensurate with Bitcoin price fluctuations. Up or down!

Why invest in SIO?

You will help fund the completion of a solution that is unlike anything the world has seen to date. No exaggeration.

SIO will bring wealth and financial freedom to normal users by tapping into the $20 trillion B2B cross-border payments market, the $700 billion remittance market, and so much more. You are getting in early. This is analogous to investing in Facebook or Amazon in the early days of the Internet.

Earn a superior return on your investment 1 year from now. SIO is built on the censorship-resistant and borderless capabilities of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most secure and decentralized open network the world,. By using Bitcoin, SIO will do to banks what the Internet and email did to postal services.

Unlike other investments, you can rest easy with us because we will manage the downside risks to your investment. A substantial portion of your funds will be returned to you in the event of any worst-case scenarios. We will regularly disclose our use of your funds via an independent auditor.

You can earn immediately by educating others about what is possible, and bringing them onboard to invest in SIO.

An investment with a difference Change

Help us to drive the completion of the solution and earn uniquely structured benefits and returns in the process.


4 October, 2019

Funding Goal

USD 2.5Million


15 December 2019

Contribution methods

Bitcoin, Credit / Debit card, EFT

Reward Type 1

Include paid-for content, marketing and other benefits. As well as early access to the SIO app and platform.

Reward Type 2

Investment returns with downside protection.

Your investment in SIO will…

Make SIO a reality for anyone, anywhere, giving them the ability to…

Send money worldwide at a fraction of typical costs.

Provide money transfer services globally, thereby earning income.

Borrow and lend bitcoins to facilitate remittances and cross-border payments.

Automatically grow their money commensurately with Bitcoin price moves. Up or down!


November 2018

Company setup

December 2018

Core resources appointed. Product & market strategies finalised.

January 2019

Payments module development initiated

February 2019

UX & UI. 1st Demo of Payments. Money Growth module conceptualised.

July 2019

Money Growth business processes mapped. Working payment POC. User guides.

September 2019

Crowdfunding platform built.

October 2019

Platform opened to potential funders.

November 2019

Platform reach extended.

December 2019

End of funding initiative.

January 2020

Ramp up operations and support infrastructure. Development of remaining SIO modules commences.

April 2020

Performance, security & UAT. Back-end support & reporting. User support matertials.

June 2020

Go-2-Market. Webinars & pre-launch campaign.

Powered by TEAM

The team that is leading the development of SIO has the expertise and experience in banking, asset management, insurance, technology, cryptocurrency and a host of other areas and are ensuring that SIO is not another variation of the same financial solutions that exist today. SIO is not built on top of, and is not hindered by existing legacy banking infrastructures.

Irlon Terblanche
Dr. Andre Botha
Hugo Venter
Andrew Margetts
Lead Developer & Security Officer
Mattia Broili
Creative Design Head
Julian Topkin
Non-Exec. Director

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided answers to the most common questions.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

SIO is a peer-to-peer finance solution with an innovative set of products that addresses the exclusionary aspects and other shortcomings of traditional financial services.

Blockchain Capital (BCC) is the team behind SIO. We are a South African registered technology company. We are focused on Bitcoin and blockchain technology solutions and offer related advisory services. Led by a passionate and experienced team, we are dedicated to revolutionising the world of financial services through education and building solutions that will enable more equality between ordinary people and the traditional wardens of financial power. Blockchain Capital (BCC) is currently developing a technology platform (SIO) that will provide cryptocurrency, payment and other finance-related services. The past few months were spent developing a Proof of Concept for a set of products and we are now on the cusp of launching a significant challenge to the status quo that will usher in new ways of transacting in the global village.

It is important to understand that the cross-border payment components of our solution are not enabling anything new. Regulators around the world ‘understand’ that cryptocurrencies enable new means of cross-border payments outside of their fiat monetary system. This is of real concern to them, and many of them are at different levels of maturity in terms of understanding how they can regulate this type of activity. The actual fact is that only Bitcoin (and possibly a handful of other cryptocurrency networks) is formidable enough to withstand all kinds of regulatory pressure. Central banks do not yet realize that they can actually regulate the bulk of the other cryptocurrencies.

This fundraising campaign is not a securities or token offering of any kind. You will receive immediate value for your contribution, as well as superior, above-market returns in December 2020 if you invest $100 or more.

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