Global Monetary Freedom & Offshore Wealth Creation

SIO's Global, Cross-Border and Offshore Capabilities

SIO uses the global and borderless nature of bitcoins to not only easily facilitate cross-border transactions between users anywhere on the globe but also to benefit from the global currencies it can make available to you.

SIO easily provides you with foreign exchange benefits in a number of ways: 

  • You are able to convert any amount of your domestic currency into a variety of offshore currencies without going through traditional banking channels, or without being constrained by capital controls and foreign exchange limits.
  • SIO easily allows you to hedge away unwanted foreign exchange rate fluctuations without the need for a forward exchange contract. Whether you are a business who wants to lock in and exchange rate for a future-dated payment, or whether you simply want to hedge yourself against your domestic currency being devalued, SIO can help.
  • As our SIO membership grows, it will make cross-border payments more and more seamless. Our members will be able to communicate with each other across the globe and facilitate cross-border transactions for each other.
Foreign Currencies

Offshore exposure to foreign currencies.


Hedge away foreign exchange rate fluctuations in lieu of a future cross-border payment.

Remit Money

Transfer or remit money to another country.

Cross-border services

Offer cross-border money transfer services to others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, you can get foreign currency exposure to USD, Yen, EUR and GBP.

As SIO continues to grow, we will make more currencies available to you.

Because SIO has access to a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, we can easily convert your currency and/or bitcoins into one of the available currencies.

It is actually extremely simple. Bitcoin is a global ecosystem, and bitcoin is not a government-issued currency. It is a global currency that is not and can not be regulated or controlled by any government or central bank. Bitcoins are not limited to any country or jurisdiction. Bitcoins are global and exist as entries on a blockchain that is replicated all over the world. You can therefore think of bitcoins as being 'everywhere' at the same time.

Whenevery you buy bitcoins with your local currency, you are performing a local transaction. Buying bitcoins is not an international or cross-border transaction that can be regulated or prevented. But once you have the bitcoins, it allows you to purchase any other currency anywhere in the world.

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