Your Initial Capital Outlay is protected!

At SioTech, we value partnerships. And as partners, we share in the ups and downs with you. Unlike every other broker, advisor, or money/investment/asset manager that you will meet, we don’t simply charge fees regardless of how well or how badly your investment performs. To learn more about how financial institutions benefit more from your money than you do, please click here…

Unlike other financial institutions, we share the risks with you. If we do not deliver for you, we will not take any kind of fee or other forms of revenue from you. But more than that, in the unlikely event that our trading positions suffer an unexpected loss, we will take those losses for you. You are protected!

We can guarantee your initial capital… That is how confident we are in our trading methodology and algorithm.

The details

Our Gains Sharing Model

The following table shows a detailed breakdown of our win-win gains-sharing model that ensures that your money is protected, and that we are rewarded only when we are able to grow your money significantly.

It's Win-Win

We only win if you win!

If we cannot deliver returns on your money that are better than the risk-free returns you can get on a savings account, we will not take a share of those returns. They are all yours. From our Gain-Sharing table, you will notice how you are protected and that we do not benefit from mediocre (less than 6%) performance.

We also share in the gains with you. It makes sense for us to make your money grow as much as possible because our reward increases with the growth we can deliver for you. Furthermore, the bigger your initial deposit, or the more your money has grown, the greater is the proportion of the overall returns that you get to enjoy. The details of these proportions are outlined in the Gain-Sharing table above.

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