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Who Are We

SioTech World

SioTech World (SIOTech) is Cape Town based technology company operating out of South Africa. We are using Bitcoin technology to revolutionize the world of money, finance and wealth for everyone. We are creating a new paradigm where financial institutions and central governments do not unduly dictate citizens’ wealth, their money’s buying power and their costs of living. We are creating a truly global financial architecture that will improve everyone’s experience when they move money across borders, invest in financial instruments outside of their local markets or gain access to other types of financial services elsewhere in the world.

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Who Are We

Our Top Executive Team

The team at SIOTech has the expertise and experience in banking, economics, global payments, trading, investment management, technology, cryptocurrency and a host of other areas that perfectly come together as we continue to build upon and extend SIO’s capabilities.

Irlon Terblanche
Hugo Venter
Julian Topkin
Non-Exec. Director
Andrew Margetts
Lead Developer and Security Specialist
Taya Walters
Client Relations Executive
Mattia Broili

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