How SIO Works



The Basic Principles

SIO uses the global and secure Bitcoin network and its global currency (bitcoins) to facilitate cross-border transactions between users anywhere on the globe. This global transactional capability is best illustrated with a simple example of someone wanting to pay a supplier in another country:

• The payer/sender converts his/her domestic currency into a specific number (or fraction) of bitcoins

• Ownership of those bitcoins is transferred to the recipient in another country;

• The recipient converts the bitcoins into his/her domestic currency.

However, SIO uses a hedging mechanism in the background that ensures that the recipient ends up with the right amount of domestic currency, regardless of any BTC price fluctuations or differences in the value of BTC between the 2 countries. This is the basis of our cross-border payment functionality.


The Money Growth Module

The SIO Money Growth module will bring together people who do not understand Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, as well as those who do and allow them to set up ‘investment-like’ facilities whereby everyone gains from the Bitcoin price movements. Up or down.

When a user decides to put money into the Money Growth facility, a number of things take place in the background:

• Each user’s currency and bitcoins are monitored as a collective pot of money;

• A background trading algorithm provides signals to go LONG on bitcoins across the various exchanges when the bitcoin price is expected to increase. And it provides signals to SHORT bitcoins when the price is expected to decrease;

• Additional currency gains or additional bitcoins are locked in, depending on which way the price has moved. Either way, the collective pot of money grows.



Early Access

Our Money Growth Module, and our SIO App more generally, is not production-ready. Many of the components have been built. However, more integration to cryptocurrency exchanges is needed (so that more people around the world can enjoy the benefits). Security and user-experience testing is also of paramount importance.

However, because we have the basic components ready and working on a small scale, we will make it available on a limited basis via this website. During this Early Access period, you will not have an App, but you can still access your money or track the growth thereof on this website, via your mobile device. If you are comfortable with the performance of our algorithm, please contact us.

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