What Is SIO



What is SIO?

SIO is a finance-like application that runs on the Bitcoin network, which enables people across the globe to come together and provide financial services directly to each other… without the need to go through the traditional banking channels and other financial institutions.

The single most important capability that SIO has, is that it gives anyone the ability to earn money that normally would have been earned by a bank or some other financial institution. Similarly, it gives anyone the ability to approach another SIO user to obtain a financial service such as lending or cross-border payment, without the need to approach a bank.

Just as Uber provided the means for any individual to offer taxi/transport services, SIO will allow anyone to offer bank-like services. The only difference is that SIO is a free-market platform. Unlike Uber, it will not dictate the price you want to charge (or accept) or enforce any policies for the way in which you should provide your financial services. You and your counterparts negotiate the commercial terms that you are all happy with.


What SIO can do for you

More specifically, SIO will allow you to:

• Send money to your home country, pay your offshore suppliers, and place your savings offshore where you believe the currency will become more valuable than your own domestic currency;

• Lock in an exchange rate with a foreign supplier/customer, without the need for any forward exchange contracts from a treasury;

• Grow your hard-earned savings by leveraging the Bitcoin price movements. Up or Down:

• Buy or sell cryptocurrencies; and so much more.

You will have access to a global customer base. And this will be a base of customers needing transactional assistance in their traditional currency, not just cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin technology will run silently in the background to enable you to do business globally.

• You will be able to generate wealth for others, and as a result, they will come looking for you!

• We will provide you with all kinds of tools to help you grow your earnings. These will include revenue optimization guides, slide decks, templates, and sales guides to help you go and find new business, and much more.


The Money Growth Module

Our team has made tremendous progress in the development of the solution already, but we still have so much more to do before this is production-ready. This is why changed our focus away from the cross-border and other capabilities, to focus on the delivery of the Money Growth module. In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to launch the ability to grow people’s money as soon as possible.

It is our firm view that the world is headed towards much tougher economic times. The traditional investment advice that has been the conventional wisdom for decades, is no longer good enough. Our financial and economic structures are complex and our traditional investments ultimately benefit the large corporates and governments much more than it benefits us. This is why we want to make the Money Growth capability available to more people sooner rather later.


The truth behind your savings and investments

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